Lipofirm Pro technology uniquely combines two technologies – TriLipo Radiofrequency (RF) and TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA). Working simultaneously using a single applicator, they create a synergistic effect that delivers non-invasive fat removal and lymphatic drainage, as well as skin tightening.

TriLipo – Triple action fat reduction

The triple action of TriLipo technology consists of RF deep volumetric heating combined with internal muscle contraction and external mechanical force which together yield maximum fat removal and lymphatic drainage as well as skin tightening. The TriLipo triple action effect is visible from the first treatment. Long term body shaping is achieved in a minimal number of treatments.


  • Focused Fat Reduction

  • Cellulite Improvement

  • Long Term Circumferential Decrease

  • Skin Tightening and Firming

  • Facial Contouring

  • Wrinkle Reduction

  • Lifting, Toning and Firming of Muscles

  • Detoxification and Improved Drainage

  • Enhanced Blood Circulation and Oxygenation

What is the effect of DMA in the muscles?

On the body, the muscle activation increases circulation and lymphatic drainage, venous return and removal of waste products. On the face, the DMA improves tone of the SMAS area, inducing a “lifting” effect of the jaw line.

Is The Procedure Safe? 

The safety and efficacy of the treatment has been proven in clinical trials and treatment is effective on all skin types.The treatment is quick and painless (although not without a heat and prickling sensation), easy "walk-in walk-out" experience and patients can immediately return to their daily routine.

The safety and effectiveness of the Lipofirm Pro was recently validated in a peer-reviewed article published in The Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications. 

What parts of the body can be treated with TriLipo technology?

The TriLipo system can be used to treat most body areas. The only parts that cannot be treated are the breasts, genitals, underarms, directly over the eyes (off the bone) and the thyroid area.

The Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) should not be performed on the temples, the neck, thorax area, around the mouth (perioral) and around the eyes (periorbital).

What conditions does the TriLipo technology treat?

On the face can treat sagging skin, loose jowls, jaw line contouring, sagging neck skin (“turkey neck”), wrinkles and fine lines, and a general toning and lifting of the facial SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System).
On the body can treat loose abdomen following pregnancy (mummy tummy) or weight loss, improve stretch marks, improve the appearance of cellulite, reduce abdomen and thigh circumference, improve arm texture and tighten sagging skin on the arms (batwings), improve the appearance of the calves and help with swollen ankles through lymphatic drainage. It also treats areas difficult to lose fat such as the ankles and knees.

How many treatments will I need and how often?

Visible results from the very 1st treatment. To see maximum results for body contouring an intitial course of 6-8 treatments are recommended with a review at the end. Clinical trials conducted by Pollogen found that optimal results are obtained when the interval between treatments is once a week and not more than two weeks between treatments. These treatments should be taken at regular intervals.
For facial, neck and decollete skin tightening: For the best results we recommend a course of 4-6 treatments followed by 4 further monthly treatments to consolidate the effect.

How long will results last?  

Results should last several months, however, since the body continues to age and the ageing process cannot be stopped, it is recommended to undergo preventative treatments every few months in order to maintain the results.

Is it suitable for both men and women?

All of our treatments work equally well on both men and women.